Give Them 20 Home Page

#GiveThem20 is an initiative of American Corporate Partners (ACP), a non-profit organization focused on assisting our returning military build their next careers.  More than 1 million veterans are returning home and 2 million are already back. Adjusting to civilian life is not easy and finding a new career after the military is often more difficult.  Through ACPs community, ACP AdvisorNet, volunteers nationwide can offer career guidance to veterans by answering job-related questions, reviewing resumes and helping them network. is a website that curates social media content with hashtag #givethem20.  

This Drupal website interfaces with a content API to load social media content into a Drupal database.   Administration tools provide curation functions and allow strategic positioning of key content. is a responsive website served in a high performance and high availability environment.   Parallax partnered with Graham Hanson Design to build