Styeline 8

Syteline Consulting and Development

Styleline 8 Development

Info?s Syteline is a mid-sized Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system used by over 5,000 manufacturers around the world. To learn more about SyteLine, visit Infor?s website.

Working with SytleLine since it?s launch in 2007, Parallax provides consulting and programming services to customize SyteLine 8.

Maximize your investment and streamline processes

Service and experience Includes:

  • Basic Customizations & Enhancements within UI using WinStudio
  • Server-Side development within MSSQL
  • Streamline standard SL8 processes into Managed Control Centers, which implement tight business controls to automate and manage:
    • Customer/Lines to Job/Sub-Job or POs
    • Project Revenue Recognition
    • Actual project cost within a period
    • Generate appropriate Revenue Milestone records for posting
    • Automated Close Process


If you are considering customizations to Syteline 8, Parallax can help you explore the options.