What is the Best CMS?

What is the best CMS?

What is the best CMS? I hear this question often. It depends on the needs of the organization. Large companies spend many months and many dollars searching for the answer. Small business owners simply ask the most web savvy person they know. I have a new answer to the question "What is the best CMS?". The answer is: the CMS in the hands of the right web developer.

Website projects fail for many reasons. The least of those reasons is the Content Management System.

Large companies have different needs than small companies. The large company evaluates a CMS for security, multi-national capabilities, external systems integration, partner support and many other features. As it should , the CMS evaluation takes many months and involves many people. The truth is that any of the final products in the evaluation process could be successful. It all lies in the hands of the team implementing the website. The same holds true for a small business. Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla. They are all good tools, but again it comes down to the team, or person, building the website.

Websites are not successful because of the Content Management System.

Large enterprises will do their diligence selecting the right CMS, but should also put an equal effort into selecting the implementation vendor. Small businesses should make sure a well knows CMS is being used, but focus on selecting the right vendor. For a small business, the right vendor is the one that has:

  • Website Experience - agencies do not always need experience in your particular field, but they should have experience designing, building and supporting websites similar in size to your website.
  • CMS Experience - verify the vendor is an experts in the CMS they are proposing. Don't be an experiment.

I'll write a post in the future that goes into more detail about selecting the appropriate web agency. Please note that "cheapest" is not in the list. Choose the photographer, not the camera. Choose the web developer, not the CMS.

by Stephen