Google's Mobile-Friendly Roll Out

Google's Mobile-Friendly Roll Out

On April 21, 2015 Google released it's "mobile-friendly" update, which is a new ranking factor for search results performed on a smart phone. As a result, mobile-friendly websites will return higher in search results. Since mobile-friendliness is one of many ranking factors, mobile-unfriendly websites may still be listed higher. Please note that mobile-friendly ranking will not affect search results on a desktop computers or tablets.

A mobile-friendly website is one that has been optimized for a mobile devices, in theory creating a better browsing experience for mobile users. An unfriendly website is one where the text is too small to read and navigation links to difficult to select, requiring the visitor to zoom and scroll horizontally to use the website. In November 2014 Google introduced the "mobile-friendly" tag, which is text that appears in search results on mobile phone to indicate a website passes Google's mobile-friendly criteria. This tag does not appear on desktops or tablets.

It's been only a few days since the release of the mobile-friendly update, therefore it's hard to determine how it will ultimately impact search results. As the tech media has branded this recent update Mobilegeddon, we're all looking over our shoulder for the tsunami. One thing is for sure, not having a mobile-friendly website will impact your business and this update is only the latest reason to be thinking about the mobile web.

If your site's pages aren't mobile-friendly, there may be a significant decrease in mobile traffic from Google Search. - Google

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