Drupal License

We all know that Drupal is Open Source.  What does that mean to the developer and the customer? 

On a recent episode of Talking Drupal ( we discussed Drupal licensing with Kevin Reynen from the Drupal Licensing Working Group.   As a developer focussed podcast, we talked mostly about the licensing from a developers perspective.

Developers should keep in mind:

Where does Drupal fit in?

Drupal ( is a powerful, open source content management system. For some organizations, Drupal is used to provide the technology for all online initiatives, while others use Drupal in combination with other tools. Some uses include Intranets, Sales Portals, Online Forms, Sales/Lead Pages, Department Websites, Event Websites and more. In this webinar we talk about the characteristics of Drupal that make it a valuable tool to have in your arsenal and the problems Drupal can solve.

What you will learn:

Google's Mobile-Friendly Roll Out

On April 21, 2015 Google released it's "mobile-friendly" update, which is a new ranking factor for search results performed on a smart phone. As a result, mobile-friendly websites will return higher in search results. Since mobile-friendliness is one of many ranking factors, mobile-unfriendly websites may still be listed higher. Please note that mobile-friendly ranking will not affect search results on a desktop computers or tablets.